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USA 2015


God blessed us today with a lovely birthday cake provided by Gail Woods here, together with a special meal ! She came to the church service this morning and did the driving to get us there and back on the American side of the road ! We covered John chap 21 and the restoration and call of Peter, so that we had two major responses from men in the congregation as God revealed His father heart of love to them. I also was enabled to encourage Pastor Tab, whose mother died when he was young, so that we could break any familiar line of attack. His family are in the Lord and he and his wife trust to see us again this Thursday in Yakima, as he now heads up AVM USA for me.

Pray that he may enter into the boldness of Joshua entering the promised land (Joshua chap 1) as there is every evidence of a new move in Washington State centered on the Seattle Revival Center

We were able to get DVD copies of both the Saturday and Sunday times and even the healing line today, but they are in American NTSC format. Our recording made in Seattle on Saturday, covered the power of God in the last Revival before the Lord returns and we were able to pray privately with GREGG DALEY (from SRC) who heads up the John G Lake IFM foundation based on the healing ministry of John G Lake. Gregg has ministered with us in Ireland at Castlewellan in the past and been used recently in miracles in Nigeria.

Travis Klingerman then joined us in the studio, and has loaned us his large van for the next month we are here. He came to the Boyne Valley Conference in Drogheda last November. In his own words, it was like a "chapter out of the Book of Acts" and he is already booked to attend our upcoming weekend November 6th - 8th 2015 at the same venue -- which the collapse of the Euro has made even cheaper than last year for those who book with us now !!

Travis drove us the 200 or more miles to stay here in PASCO, where on Saturday we did another two Broadcasts for RADIANT LIGHT TV with Dick Tedeschi on what is God's programme for the END TIMES.

March 1st (my 83 rd natural birthday) has already been marked not only by visions, but by the continued presence of the Lord in our meetings in answer to your prayer.

The testimony of folks over here has been the foretaste of receiving not only tongues (Hebrews 6) but even a foretaste of resurrection bodies which can appear and disappear like that of the Lord when He rose from the dead !! We seem to be touching the last great Revival power for the Bride of Christ before He returns !!

When these TV Broadcasts air, we are told they may be received by upwards of two to five million people ! Pray the Lord may be revealed in this St Patrick's season in America.

We trust to bring a touch of this to the rest of our time here in Washington State, when we share with the PILGRIMS REST folk in Yakima Sunday March 8th and some others at SUNNYSIDE March 15th in morning meetings. One meeting is being led by an Apostle from Alaska, who went to Heaven aged 11, and since then, has been twice raised from the dead !

Travis has arranged a cowboy meeting for us August 22nd and loaned us a van and a cell phone, while other Believers are opening their homes for accommodation for the three more weeks we are here.

As you intercede for us, do send us feedback from the Lord. We are scheduled for a Court hearing of our Rates appeal March 31st, and a sharing with CARRYDUFF ELIM CHURCH near Belfast the night of April 12th.

Prayer is needed to break up the fallow ground, as we have been visiting USA for over 30 years, and waiting some 40 years for what God wants to do in Ireland. The Lord is soon returning and is able to take us through the days that lie ahead, as we have proved His faithfulness in our experiences over the last half century ! We feel like Elijah at the end of 1 Kings chap 18 beginning to see a cloud rising which will end the drought for those truly seeking God !

Love, Keith


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USA 2014



"It is an honor to pray for you and your wife. I am thankful you and all your stuff arrived safely. The November conference is something we are praying and planning on going to. Jennifer spoke at a woman's tea get together last weekend and went really well. The following Sunday 5 were baptized. I had the honor of being asked to deliver the message that Sunday morning for the baptismal service. . We will continue to hold you all up in prayer and much love in Jesus name." - Travis


After a miracle upgrade, we arrived safely into Seattle to do TV shows for TBN, and in Tricities, with potential 5 million audience!

OTHELLO was a weekend of REVIVAL!

Saturday night the meeting was packed with folks from different local churches, and God outpoured His Spirit in words of Knowledge and some physical obvious healings -- which marked the whole weekend!

The impact on the Community was marked by the local Mayor attending as he is born again, and the town OTHELLO was named after a Celtic (Irish ?) word meaning to "prosper" !! Some folks have recently been baptized in the Spirit there and there is a strong prophetic team, while GARY AND VICKI HYNDMAN, who drove us there, remarked that is has been a long time since they met such a hungry Foursquare (Elim) Church with a Pastor seeking God in such a humble way.

We had some technical issues with our equipment (which have to be resolved) but their own recording team relieved us of much of this work and enabled us to concentrate on getting out the Word of God. Our equipment and transport however, needs prayer.

They put us up free of charge at a local hotel with a very generous spirit, and their local prophetic team is moving at a deep level so that they are blessed with a miracle outreach. In fact one of them was used of God during the troubles in BELFAST and has a ministry to the hopeless. He saw from the Lord, a continuation and growth of our own ministry for at least another 5 years, while he and all the church almost cleared out all the books we brought over!! There was a hungry demand for our publications like " THE NEW DAY", "CHRISTIAN FOUNDATIONS" ( C.L.Parker), and "DIVINE HEALING" !! The Last Day programme was a shock to many as they saw the dangers of a false rapture teaching, while the C.L.Parker books we printed for this trip at home were in huge demand with their clear Bible teaching from the Greek.

Sunday morning saw nearly all of these taken, and the miracles continued until well into the afternoon, when we took a badly needed rest at the hotel.

By Sunday night, the local people were beginning to pray for each other and for us in a session where we spoke to the folk on the need to rest in our place as ADOPTED CHILDREN OF GOD, and we were able to teach on the use of team ministry and the dangers of the ORPHAN SPIRIT of competition rather than co-operation.

The death of Bob Jones and the prophecy that the last great Revival would start before his passing, is well known over here, and has added to the acceptance of the tsunami move of God in Ireland, which started with our last Conference, and which may well include an ever rising wave of blessing here in the North West part of America.

The move had already started a few months back in this Church in supernatural events, and our main impression was that it is unlikely to stop, now that it has been given the impetus of solid BIble teaching on the challenges of these Last Days, before Jesus returns for His Bride. A local Apostle here has (like ourselves) seen a previous outpouring in ALASKA and by the age of 11, was permitted a foretaste of coming glory before he was 7 years old !! -- with a promise that he would personally be alive to see the Lord. Miracles are happening with him, and he is having meetings with Gary Hyndman and Vicki, so that we see the current move being followed up. He foresees the glory of God becoming visible in our future meetings

THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS which have brought about such victory and DIVINE VISTATION !

GARY HYNDMAN's son and his wife were both baptized in the HOLY GHOST, as we did a Conference call outreach from their home on the Sunday March 23rd in YAKIMA. Remember this Community in your prayers, as we come home again March 27th/28th. We will be at THE CLARION HOTEL< Carrickfergus 11 am Thursday April 10th to startr our new series on the LAST DAYS. Do book now for November 7th-9th Confernece at DROGHEDA AS ACCOMMODATION IS LIMITED!