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Excerpt From 'A New Day' - Keith Gerner

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A mature Christian friend prophesied to me, in 1999 that God wanted me to write a book with the title "A New Day." Like all prophecy, I put it through the checks (see chapter 4) and it rang true. This book was born in God and it gives truth we have seen in action during the years as we have travelled round the globe.

The writing is based on experience. It is also Scriptural. These miracles are actually happening. This new day in the Church is not based on denominational tradition or human theology, but a new coming of Christ in power to all believers.

Let me give you an example that I have experienced in Ireland — a country well known for its divisions among its own people, especially along religious grounds. At the beginning of the 1970’s Charismatic move, when God was bringing together His own people, despite traditional hostility, there was a new, supernatural revelation of our lovely Lord Jesus.

At an interdenominational conference at Gormanston, I was preparing our audio-visual equipment. Suddenly the lady cleaner stopped and asked, “Where is the smell?” Across the room was wafting a beautiful scent. Although it was a Catholic school, there was no incense and no human source for the fragrance.

Puzzled, she shook her head and walked down the corridor. That afternoon, forty priests and nuns met some Protestants from the North of Ireland, very nervous and suspicious with the whole proceedings.

Suddenly, across the same room, we sensed the same Divine Presence. Many of the Catholic people became one with the Protestants in worshipping in a supernatural language they had never learned. This was a new beginning for God’s outpouring in Ireland. That morning we had had a foretaste of the blessing of the Spirit that later swept Ireland. True Christianity, which comes down from Heaven transcends denomination and race.

As we worshipped in unity, divisions melted away. Our visiting speaker, David du Plessis, commented, “God made nations. Man has made denominations - and we have trouble with them both.”